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C.H.I. Medical Centers / COCONUT GROVE Center

C.H.I. Medical Centers
MIAMI, Florida USA

Located on the former site of the 2-story building of the older / demolished C.H.I. MEDICAL CENTER. Designed with colors and architectural design to comply with the “Caribbean” area influence requested by City of Miami Planning and Zoning Board, the new building is housing Family Medicine, Behavioral Health, and Pediatrics.

The entire ENTRANCE wall facing Grand Avenue, at the ground floor, will be a glass storefront, with ADA / Egress Sliding double glass doors– to provide a well-lit and pleasant waiting area for the Patients.

The large staircase, the circular-type corridor, and a secondary waiting area at the Second Floor, will improve patients flow and the egress in case of an emergency – through a new exterior egress staircase. The entire building was designed as a “GREEN BUILDING” concept, with all materials and fixtures for Interior and Exterior finishing, selected for their minimum maintenance specifications and compliance with Florida codes for Emissions, Fire or Impact ratings.

8,000 Sq. fUnder Construction, to be completed in 2024