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C.H.I. Medical Centers / Doris

C.H.I. Medical Centers

Located in the existing 120,000 Sq. F single story building housing the Headquarters of the C.H.I. MEDICAL CENTERS.

Completely reconstructed / Remodeled of the 8,000 Sq.F. CLINICAL EXPANSION Function space and mechanical systems. For a faster construction process, and a better overall finished space, the limited / partial interior drywalls construction (mostly containing plumbing functions) was completed with pre-finished, modular prefabricated walls, with all electrical and low voltage systems integrated. This way, the space was delivered faster to its intended medical function, with better finishings and a modular system that could support space modification in the future, without a disruptive construction process.

8,000 Sq. f
‍Completed in 2023