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C.H.I. Medical Center / Dr. Jacquelyn T. Hartley Children Crisis Center

C.H.I. Medical Center
To be completed Spring 2025
Miami, FL

In-patient care functions

The CHI - ” Dr. Jacquelyn T. Hartley Children Crisis Center “ (JHCC) will serve the emotional needs of children from 7 to 18 years old and help them to reach their full potential regardless of their challenges. It will provide a safe and welcoming environment in which every child is given the opportunity to thrive.

At the JHCC the approach to providing behavioral health services to children and their families revolves around an understanding of the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES). Through partnerships with families, schools, and communities, JHCC will create the contexts in which healing occurs.

JHCC structure is a single-story ground level facility with an outdoor exercise area of 1,700 Sq.F., designed to create a functional therapeutic environment throughout, using a pleasant blend of natural light ,colors, designs, textures, and furnishings. The environment is designed to minimize potential for self– injury with methods and fixtures certified forAnti-Ligature and is designed for full accessibility by handicapped patients.

Under construction, to be completed in Spring 2025